A couple of links

Like I mentioned in previous posts, when I first found out about this job I did what any civilized American does in 2014:  I hit up the Googles.  What I found was incredibly informative; besides several sources of information about Palau generally, I found numerous blogs just like this one—blogs of Court Counsel from previous years, effectively giving me a preview of what my life in Palau would be like.  I doubt most of them are are paying attention to their visitors or links (except Anna and Brian? Hi there!), but if you want a preview of what might fill this space for the rest of the year, here’s where I learned what I know:

The wife/girlfriend? of 2013-2014 Court Counsel:  http://annavodicka.wordpress.com/

2010-11 Court Counsel:  http://palauandorder.wordpress.com/

2010-11 Court Counsel (2): http://island-girl-acs.blogspot.com/

2006-07 Court Counsel:  http://timpalaujournal.blogspot.com/

1998-99 Court Counsel:  http://stuffedwombat.com


Expats in Guam and their adventure in Palau:  http://ohanics.blogspot.com/

An international law practice blog?:  http://jetswithjds.wordpress.com/2010/05/30/clerking-in-paradise-palau/


Such blog.


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